E.art.H - black&white

町を歩いていると壁や路面にできた錆や滲み、亀裂の美しさに目を奪われる。朽ちた鉄板の錆が燃える太陽に 道の滲みが悲しみを抱える人々に 擦れた塗装が歓喜に叫ぶ観衆に姿を変えて、まるで抽象画のように、僕の心を激しく揺さぶるのである。



As I walk through town, I am stolen from the beauty of rust, blotches and cracks on walls and roads.

A decayed steel plate turns into a burning sun and the bleeding of the road changes to people of despair, roughly trembling my heart like an abstract painting.

It is a small landscape that natural phenomena and time overlap many times, ties, mixes up, and creates.

Perhaps the earth is the ultimate artist far beyond human imagination.

I search for the painting that the earth drew on the ground and picked it up with a camera.

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